Pitch Watch: Hockey On or Off

...check in times of doubtful weather

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Look out for Fixtures live messages and for updates on

Facebook and Twitter

We will update them here on a regular basis.

For latest pitch conditions, cancellations etc, please keep an eye on the club Facebook page for the very latest information.  It's a private page, so you will need to apply to join it.  We try and post as much relevant hockey info on it and a bit of light hearted fun!  There's news of social events, promotion of hockey and friendly banter.

It's the responsibility of the individual player to establish if matches or coaching sessions are cancelled on bad and doubtful weather days.  Please contact your Captain, Team Manager or organiser in the first instance.

Please check this page when you are in any doubt about the weather causing cancellation of matches or coaching sessions.

Pitch Watch

Keep an eye on the below feeds to find out if your match is cancelled.