AECC Tennis Court Project and Fundraising



The court development project is now within sight of its fund-raising target. 


Our project budget is £388k and we need a further £55k in order to reach our goal. 

This will then allow us to progress with the project to convert the five grass courts and install five sets of floodlights.


If you have thought about donating money to the project, but have not yet done so – then now is the time!

We need to be very close to the target by October this year in order to be able to construct the courts in time for the 2018 season.


Donation leaflets are in the club-house - or you can down-load a form here

Fund-raising news:


  • We have confirmation of a Cheshire LTA grant and loan (£10k), in addition to the offer of the LTA grant and loan (£140k) we received in June
  • We have also made a grant application to the Alderley Edge Institute
  • £850 was raised at the end of season junior event on Sunday 3rd September towards the project
  • The Under 13 junior team won the Youatt Cup plate on Sunday 10th September and their winnings will go towards the project
  • A Tie-Break Challenge is being run on Saturday September 23rd - proceeds towards the project - sign up on the Tennis Notice Board

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any matters concerning the project then please email or phone......


Ruth Samuels

Tennis Court Project - Lead


Project Background:


  • We plan to replace 5 grass courts with an all year-round surface
  • We plan to install five sets of floodlights - including replacing the temporary lights on court 14
  • We have received planning permission for the project
  • We have been offered a loan and grant from the LTA
  • We have been offered a loan and grant from Cheshire LTA
  • We are applying for a grant from the Alderley Edge Institute
  • We still need to raise money ourselves.....


How will we pay back the loans?


The loans will require an annual payment from the tennis section.  We have secured a fantastic sponsorship deal from San Carlo and runs for an initial 5 years.  We currently obtain a surplus from coaching and non-members fees, and we expect this to grow with the additional court availability. We obtain a profit from the three existing floodlit courts and we expect this figure to grow, especially given the fact that the new lights will be LED and consume less electricity. In addition we plan to raise a contribution from a ladies lunch / tournament and summer fete teas.  There is of course the opportunity to hold ‘one-off’ occasional fund-raising events to secure additional income. The figures planned to be raised are believed to be ‘prudent’ and the income, especially from floodlights and coaching could be significantly higher than in our budgets. In addition there are other small sources of income which will generate a few hundred pounds each a year, and will add to the overall income.