Duty Roster

for Club Afternoons and Evenings

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Please see the Tennis Section Notice Board for full listings of Organisers throughout the year.

In the event you are unable to make your duty, please contact Pam Allott on 01625 590508 giving plenty of notice.

If you are an organiser, here are some guidelines:-

Saturday Club Afternoons - From 2.00 pm

Wednesday Club Evenings - From 6.00 pm

Directions for Organisers

Ask John Berry or Bar Staff for the allocation of balls for the Club Session.

For Wednesday Club Evenings under floodlights: These are organised by Melissa Drath. Melissa will collect £3 from each person playing.

Organise people ideally in to Mixed Doubles play as usual.

Play under floodlights must cease at 9.30pm in order to adhere to Planning regulations and therefore the floodlights will turn off automatically at 9.30pm.