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AECC Junior Open Tournament Results

Great to see so many juniors enjoying the tournament last week in the sunny weather.  Many thanks to Jules Mackenzie for organising and running our Junior Open so wonderfully for an incredible 23rd consecutive year.  The results are as follows:


Boys Singles

  • Winner: Joppe Meulessteen
  • Runner Up: Andrew Phillips

Boys Doubles

  • Winners: Will Johnson / Joppe Meulessteen
  • Runners Up: Tom Minshull / James Novotny (AECC)

Boys Bonus Singles

  • Winner: Rob Downey
  • Runner Up: Will Johnson


Boys Singles

  • Winner: James Graham
  • Runner Up: Henry Vardon (AECC)

Girls Singles

  • Winner: Georgina Dare
  • Runner Up: Francesca Bailey

Boys Doubles

  • Winners: Gus Fiennes (AECC) / Henry Vardon (AECC)
  • Runners Up: James Graham / Conor McQue

Girls Doubles

  • Winners: Francesca Bailey / Charlotte Thackwray (AECC)
  • Runners Up: Georgina Dare / Frankie McKean (AECC)

Mixed Doubles

  • Winners: Henry Vardon (AECC) / Francesca Bailey
  • Runners Up: Jack Ronnie (AECC) / Alice Hickie (AECC)

Boys Bonus

  • Winner: Karim Challah (AECC)
  • Runner Up: Jack Mather (AECC)

Girls Bonus

  • Winner: Jemima Fiennes (AECC)
  • Runner Up: Alice Hickie (AECC)


Boys Singles

  • Winner: Greg Johnson (AECC)
  • Runner Up: Marcus Hopwood

Girls Singles

  • Winner: Gabrielle Young (AECC)
  • Runner Up: Charlotte Thackwray (AECC)

Boys Bonus

  • Winner: Max Howe
  • Runner Up: Freddie Nowell (AECC)


Boys Mini Greens

  • Winner : Miles Pooler (AECC)
  • Runner Up : Matthew Carter

Girls Mini Greens

  • Winner: Natayla Smith
  • Runner Up: Hannah Wall


VIP Award

  • Gus Fiennes

Congratulations to all our players who entered. The JNECL Open takes place at the Club next week (from 6th August). If you're around, don't forget to enter before the end of this week!


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