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Wimbledon Draw - Wednesday 26th April - 8pm

Wimbledon Draw - Wednesday 26th April - 8pm

Wimbledon Ticket Draw: Wednesday 26th April, 8.00 p.m.

Please note the above date for your diaries.

But there’s also a couple of changes and big please here……

This year the LTA rules say that if anyone has opted-in then their name will go into our draw.

This means that you no-longer have to put your name on a list on the board in the club-house to enter the draw.

If your name is on the list in the club-house it means that you have opted-in and will be in the draw.
(It’s worth checking that you are on the list because last year the LTA lost some names between opting-in and making the list available)

We know that some members have opted in because we asked as many as possible to opt-in because opt-ins = prizes, the LTA use the number of opt-ins to decide how many tickets we get.

So, there are possibly some members who may go into the draw who do not really want to be in the draw.

If you fall into this category, please email me and I will remove your name from our list.

Many thanks for your help.


Paul Murray

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