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AECC Tennis Guest Fees

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AECC Tennis Welcomes Guests

Change in Process for collecting Tennis Guest Fees

The Tennis Section welcomes Guests to our club as a benefit for members and a way of introducing potential new members. It is also a significant source of income, particularly important as we seek to make our fantastic New Courts Project a reality!

Currently Fees are collected through depositing money in the locked box by the mail pigeonholes in the club, and by completing an entry in the Guest Book located in the same place.

We have a couple of concerns. Firstly, the box was broken into a month or so ago, and money stolen. Also, the amount of guest fees we are collecting this year has fallen substantially compared to prior years.

Since it is unlikely that our number of guests has fallen as much as the receipts, our concern is that members may be forgetting to get their guest to pay. So the first thing is to ask members to please make sure this happens – it’s really important to our plans to transform tennis at the club.

We are also introducing a different system. When you arrive at the club with your guest(s) please report to the bar, and pay your guest fees - £10 for adults, and £2.50 for juniors. You will receive an Adult Guest Fee receipt and/or a Junior Guest Fee receipt. We then ask you to complete the entry in the Guest Book.

In the event no one is present at the Bar please deposit your Guest Fees in the Box and complete the entry in the Guest Book.

Please remember that Guests are allowed to play 3 times at the club in the calendar year.

Thank you for your help!

AECC Tennis Committee



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