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Tennis Courts Project - Update on Progress

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As you will have seen and heard, work continues on the courts project. It has been wetter than we would have liked, however progress has continued well.


Over 1000 tonnes of topsoil has been removed from site.  A procession of 25 tonne lorries removed the majority of the soil and the last few loads were removed by tractor and trailer:


We still have some small mounds left for reinstatement purposes after the project has completed and any surplus will then be removed.

After digging out 30cm of topsoil, we found some 'soft spots' of ground (~250sqm).  A further 10cm of top soil had to be removed in these areas and then filled with more stone on top of a plastic grid, which locks the stone in place and provides a firm base.  We managed to complete this work first on the top courts and then started to lay the court edgings:

The court edgings on the top courts were completed while the lower courts remained wet:

Meanwhile trenches were dug, and cables laid in preparation for the floodlights:

Finally after rain had delayed progress, a window in weather this week has allowed the contractor to lay stone base on lower courts (4-6). This might be the last time we see a twenty tonne lorry on our tennis courts....(although maybe not, given that we still have to lay rather a lot of tarmac....):

Other work completed over the last few weeks has included laying ducting for floodlights under the stone on the courts and laying drainage for all the new courts.
Looking forwad, the floodlight columns have arrived on site and some of these will be installed in the next few weeks:

Also over the next few weeks the court edgings will be completed on the lower courts, the retaining wall will be built and the first tarmac will be laid, which will provide the base for our artificial clay courts.  You will also see electricians around site preparing for the installation of the floodlights.


In the last couple of weeks the General Committee has approved spend for a new path to be laid to courts 9-14. While this is not part of the tennis court project, the work will be completed by the courts contractor.


Many thanks to you all for accepting the disruption during construction.  Weather permitting, we are still expecting the courts to be complete by the spring.


Ruth Samuels

Courts Project Lead

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