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ELECTRICTY OUTAGE AT THE CLUB ON WEDNESDAY 10TH OCTOBER – Bar closed and no lights or hot water for most of the day

As you may be aware, the Tennis Courts Project includes the installation of 5 new sets of floodlights on courts 1, 2, 4, 5 & 14.


Prior to the start of the main project we will be replacing the 6-way circuit breaker panel in the groundsman's shed with a new 12-way panel to be able to feed the new floodlights but also provide plenty of capacity for any future electrical demands of the Club.


This facilitating work will be carried out on Wednesday 10th October. Unfortunately, it will necessitate a shutdown of ALL electricity supplies to the Club for most of that day. This means there will be:

  • No bar service (even for cold drinks as the till will be out of action)
  • No lighting in the club house, squash courts, changing rooms and toilets
  • No hot water for showers/washing
  • No supply for TV, computers, wifi etc.

Some preparation work is planned to be done on the day before in order to try and complete all the work on Wednesday 10th October. The work will be scheduled to start very early on the Wednesday morning, but it is not possible to predict the completion timing until well into the work due to the complexities of re-connecting the existing circuits to the new switch-gear. There is a possibility parts may be completed in the day, but some may need to be completed the following day. This means floodlights may not be operational that evening.


We apologise for any inconvenience and we are sorry we cannot give definitive timings due to the nature of the work.


We will aim to provide further updates nearer the time (email and notices in Club) and on the day.

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