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Construction work has commenced on the new tennis courts

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It was a rather inauspicious day for such a momentous occasion for Alderley Edge Tennis Club.
Few of the handful of tennis players hurrying around the courts on Wednesday morning for warmth under grey skies noted the arrival of these men.
Chris Platt and his colleagues were the first construction workers on site to convert the five grass courts into artificial clay and install five new sets of floodlights.

Their essential task was to prepare the ground for the extensive earth works to come. Effectively, they set up a iron railing barrier to create a safe environment for both workers and club members.
On Thursday two large vehicles - a 13 and a nine tonnes - drove into the grounds through the top gate. They will be used to remove the top soil on the grass courts. The top soil will form a large mound to make it easier to remove.  And here we are 5 hours on.....

These are exciting times for the tennis club. Over the coming weeks and months we will see the new courts emerge.
Construction workers will require a guaranteed period of dry weather which could be tricky. The conversion team are saying that the new courts and lights will be completed before the summer season.
Meanwhile Gareth Roberts, a great fan of the grass, and Russell Jenkins are claiming to be the last club players ever to play on the hallowed turf.
In a valedictory gesture, the pair hit a couple of balls backwards and forwards with little success. There was no net and recent downpours had left the turf soggy and uneven.
The new courts will be available for play all year around. It means tennis for everyone.

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