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Frost and the Tennis Courts

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With the recent frost the astro courts can be slippery until the frost has cleared.  However the artificial clay courts seem to be more playable under frosty conditions. 


Please do NOT use artificial clay court drag mats on the astro courts to try to clear the frost.  This results in cross contamination of sand between the courts:


The sand on the two types of courts is different.  For this reason we have locked the gates between courts 1-3 and 4-6 ensuring that any movement between the two sets of courts is via the grids in front of the gates.  In this way we try to minimise movement of sand. 


If the clay court drag mats are used to try to clear frost on the astro courts, green sand appears on the astro courts and white sand may also be transported back onto the clay courts.  Please allow the frost to clear naturally.


Many thanks


Tennis Committee

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