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Tennis Courts Project - Update on Progress

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This week the construction of the path to Mottram Road has progressed:

All but two of the floodlight columns have been installed including those for the lights on courts 1 and 2:

Seventeen cable drums arrived and since the lorry could not proceed down Moss Lane, the electricians 'rolled' these down the road:

Much of the cable has now been laid in the ducting under courts 1, 2, 4 and 5 and also alongside the courts and the electricians will continue to work and install the cabinets for the lighting management system and the token meters:

The work to lay the cables including digging two narrow trenches and installing cable ducts from the boundary with Courts 4-6, running between Courts 1 and 2, and 2 and 3. In order to carry out that work the court carpet had to be rolled back:

After cementing the trench the Contractors sought to relay the carpet. However it had frozen overnight, and on thawing has expanded by a couple of millimetres. This is preventing the carpet from laying flat and there are currently two long ridges with one side of the carpet laying over the other.

We are expecting expert carpet fitters to come on site to carry out the necessary modifications to refit the carpet correctly early next week.

Given this issue for safety reasons Courts 1-3 will be closed for the next few days, and we recommend players try to organise play for non peak times during this period.

There will be further interruptions to play on Courts 1-3 on Tuesday 22nd January when the new LED Floodlights are fitted on the columns, and we will keep you informed of outages.

Work is starting on the construction of a new path to Court 9 path on Friday 18th January. The path will have a much lower gradient leading up to Court 9 making it safer and allowing us to use it to take maintenance equipment onto the courts. During the construction period our Contractors will put down a strip of carpet to the right of the path as a temporary walkway. You will also see work to the left of the gate to Court 9 to install a cabinet, which will contain token meters for the floodlights on Courts 9,11,13 and 14.

Please take extra care when walking to Courts 9 -14 during this construction period.

Courts 9 -14 - These are all available for daylight and floodlight play over the next couple of weeks.

One exception is on a weekday afternoon in the next few days in order that the small trench at the rear of Court 11 (currently filled with sand and covered by the carpet) can be cemented, and areas around the new floodlight columns can also be cemented and the carpet properly re laid. Courts 11 -14 will be closed that afternoon.


Thank you all for your support during times when there are court outages and thanks for being courteous to players waiting to play.


Courts Project Team


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