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How to look after the new Courts

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As a club, we have invested nearly £400k in our new courts facility.

In order to keep the courts in pristine condition we ask the following:

Drag the courts after you play:

Drag the courts in a circular motion starting from the outside and working inwards as shown in the diagram below.  This ensures that the sand infill, which tends to migrate to the edges of the courts, is brought back to the middle of the courts.

Sweep the lines when required.  We suggest that the lines are swept before dragging the court, to avoid ridges of sand being left by the lines. There are two types of line sweeper, and there is a knack to using them. If the handle is kept at 45% to the ground, the sweepers will work best.

Please hang the drag mats and line sweepers on the fencing before leaving the courts.

Wipe your feet on the new grids when you enter and leave the courts

On entry this will avoid any debris being taken onto court

On exit this will avoid green sand being spread throughout the club

Please use the paths to reach the courts and don't cross the cricket pitch

This will keep debris, mud, and newly cut grass off the surface of our courts.  We have invested several thousand pounds in these paths so PLEASE use them. And please ask anyone who you see crossing the cricket pitch to use them too.

Thanks for your co-operation in helping us to maintain our new courts.

The Tennis Committee


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