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Court Allocation – Bank Holiday Week – Week Commencing Sunday 26th May

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We have members play plus two events running during the week and after detailed planning a court allocation has been agreed as listed below.  The two events are as follows:

  • Grade 4 open tournament run by David Paterson, starting May Bank Holiday Sunday 26th and running until Friday 31st May
  • Half Term camp run by Stuart - 6 courts each day from Tuesday 28th May onwards from 9.30 - 4pm.

As ever with a situation like this we need to strike a balance between having courts for members available and also maximising the use of our fantastic facilities.  The open tournament is a great opportunity for the club to showcase the courts – and currently our club is the ‘talk of the county’.


Thanks to everyone in advance for being courteous.


Court allocation:

  • Members:
    • Sunday 26th:
      • Until 12 noon - all courts available until 12 noon
      • 12 noon onwards - courts 4-7 and 9-10 courts available
    • Monday 27th – Bank Holiday Monday:
      • 9-11am – courts 1-8
      • 11am onwards – courts 4-8
    • Tuesday 28th - Friday 31st:
      • 9-11am – courts 1-6
      • 11am onwards – courts 4-6
  • Half Term Camps:
    • Tuesday 28th - Friday 31st:
      • 9-30am – 4pm – courts 7-8 and 11-14
  • Grade 4 Events:
    • Sunday 26th:
      • 12 noon onwards - courts 11-14 and courts 1-3 on
      • spread to other courts if available ensuring that there are at least three courts free for club members to play on (ideally 4-6), and at least one court free at all times, so that if any members do turn up to play, there are courts available.
    • Monday 27th Bank Holiday Monday
      • 9am - 11am - courts 9-14 from
      • 11am onwards - courts 9-14 and courts 1-3 from 11am
      • If there are few members around then use the courts, leaving courts 4-6 free.
    • Tuesday 28th - Friday 31st:
      • 9-11am - courts 9-10
      • 11am onwards (or earlier if they are free) - courts 1-3 and courts 9-10 from.
      • After camps finish at 4pm also use courts 11-14
    • Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th evening:
      • 6pm onwards – 9-10 (spread to 11-12 if required)
      • (Note that on Tuesday evening there is a men’s home match scheduled to use courts 4-6 from 6.15pm onwards)

Note that the tournament and camp may spread onto extra courts over and above the agreed courts allocation if they are not being used by members.

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