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Please Use the paths!

As part of the New Tennis Courts Project we put in a beautiful new path alongside courts 1-8 and replaced the worn out path from the clubhouse to Court 9.



These are high quality paths, built to last! Their purpose is to provide a safe and clean route to the tennis courts, and to avoid collecting dirt, grass clippings, and other debris on tennis shoe soles which can then find it’s way onto our courts.


Transportation of material onto the tennis courts accumulates over time, resulting in bad drainage, muddy patches after rain, and the need for expensive rejuvenations or deep cleaning. Over the last few days  following heavy rain we have reached this position on Court 14.


It is therefore important that all members and their guests of all sections use the paths!  Please do not take short cuts across the cricket pitch, or over the patch of grassed land adjoining Court 1 and the car park.  Even if you don't play tennis, if you cross the cricket pitch and then use the paths, the mud makes its way onto the courts.


We have wonderful new Artificial Clay courts, and over the next few years we will replace the carpets on the existing courts, so it’s in all our interests to keep those courts as clean as we can.


Thank you for your help!

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