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Exercise at home......

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Here are some exercises you can add into your home PE curriculum(!!).........from our Head Tennis Coach Stuart Murray.........

This is what he says:

"I’ve been at home thinking of ways to keep us all thinking & doing some Tennis and have decided to put up some videos of pretty simple things you can do at home!

I was so grateful for all the support you guys gave last week & hopefully this is me giving something back.

I hope you get something out of it and please appreciate how awkward I felt doing it!😂

So here’s a link to the video on YouTube

Please, please take a look and then go have some fun!!

Let me know what you think and pass it on to friends and family, and join the fun by posting a video on my Social media!

Enjoy and look out for the next video.

I’d love to see your attempts at the exercises so please post back on my Facebook page & let’s have a bit of fun with this!


If you’ve not followed my social media already, here are the links (please like and follow / subscribe where possible and pass this on to any friends / family who may enjoy it!)"





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