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'Exercise to the Grand Slams' Challenge - so nearly there......

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Stuart Murray, our Head Tennis Coach, has set all the tennis players a lockdown challenge to collectively take part in the 'Exercise to the GRAND SLAMS' Challenge.


We have Wimbledon (207.4m), Roland Garros (480.5m) and Flushing Meadow (3338m). Our next target is Melbourne Park where the Australian Open is played (10,543m) and we are so nearly there now.  This last week our team did 181 hours of exercise and covered a massive 1240m (1997km) - only another 403m (649km) to go - with less than a week to go.


Total - 72 Athletes, 1446hrs of exercise, 10,138m (16,316km)


To join, click on this link, download Strava onto your mobile phone and then 'record' each exercise activity.

Stuart and the Tennis Section will be reporting regularly on progress:

And if you are interested in other lockdown challenges / exercises, then have a look at Stuart's fantastic videos created during lockdown periods on Stuart's YouTube Channel

Looking forward to seeing where we are next week!

And keep in touch with the Tennis Section for the latest updates on the following page of the web-site


Ruth Samuels

Tennis Chairman


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