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Tennis Court Booking System – Go Live Tuesday 21st June 2022

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We will be going live with the new tennis court booking system on Tuesday 21st June.

Neither section wishes to make this change, but despite our efforts the current system will no longer be made available to us by our provider who supplies this system as part of our integrated website, membership database and email system.

The new system is different from the old system and we will work with our suppliers over the next few months to try and improve the functionality so that it provides the same capabilities as the old system – but perhaps in a slightly different way.

The plan is as follows:

  • We will be going live with the system on Tuesday 21st June.
  • The booking system will be unavailable from 6pm on Sunday 20th June until the morning of Tuesday 21st June, so please make a note of any bookings you have made for this period.
  • Any bookings made for Monday 20th June and beyond will be transferred into the new system before go live.  You will receive confirmation emails for these bookings when the bookings are transferred across (as long as you have set your preferences on the current system to receive emails).
  • You will log into the new system with the same password and username as the old system:
    • Your username is <firstname.surname> e.g. mine is ruth.samuels
    • If you have forgotten your password, you can re-set it by using the ‘Forgotten password’ option on the screen.

Full details of the system are contained in the attached user guide.

If you have difficulties using the system, then please read the user guide and then ask your friends to help before contacting me. (Thank you).

The major changes with the system are as follows:

  • The look and feel of the system is different
  • You can book up to seven full days ahead – so on Monday morning you can book courts for the whole of the following Monday and so on
  • Guest fees are paid on-line at the time of booking.

Please do not complain about the new system.  It is not our choice to change. And we are doing our very best to make the changeover as smooth as we possibly can.

I will be in the clubhouse on Tuesday 21st June from 11am to 12 noon to answer any questions. Alternatively you can email me on [email protected]

Ruth Samuels

Tennis Chairman

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