The basic rules for games are contained in the ECB Return to Cricket:


ECB Return to Cricket PDF


Please be sensitive to those within our club and those from visiting clubs that may have a heightened sensitivity to maintaining social distancing, sanitising, equiment, etc.


In simple terms as they relate to AECC:


  • Don't come to ground if unwell
  • Don't apply sweat or saliva to ball
  • Do bring sanitiser and hand wipes
  • Do have a break every 5 overs (juniors) or 6 overs (seniors) to clean ball and hands
  • Do come changed into kit, but don't use changing rooms (other than to get to toilets)
  • Do use own kit and don't share
  • Captains and team managers to keep contact details of both teams (for track and trace)
  • Players and umpires at 2m+ distance (wicketkeepers and slips at 1m+)
  • Batsmen to run between wickets 2m from strip 
  • No food can be provided, so bring own
  • Keep kit in area 20 yards beyond clubhouse near oak tree 

And the club's ECB risk assessment is here:


AECC Covid-19 Facility Risk Assessment.pdf