The Single System

Long term athlete development

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Hockey's Single System is the development pathway for players, coaches and officials of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential.  It is based on a set of principles that puts the participant at the centre and is based on scientific research that has been widely accepted by the majority of other major sports within England.

Why does hockey need a Single System?

Hockey in England has evolved over many years and has many historical boundaries, systems and competitions that make the hockey landscape a complicated one.  The pathway did vary enormously, not only between boys and girls, but also from region to region and county to county.  For example, a fourteen year old living in Alderley Edge would have a different experience moving through the pathway to a similar player living in Canterbury.  The purpose of the Single System is to make opportunities for participants fair, equitable. and consistent.  It is to ensure that a suitable level of coaching and competition is offered for people at the appropriate stage of their development and to maximise the chance they have of fulfilling their potential whether that potential is as a club or international player, coach or official.

Junior Development Centres (JDC) and Junior Academy Centres (JAC)

These centres provide coaching for young players aged 12 - 17 at sub county level (JDC) and 13 - 17 at county level (JAC). These centres will provide more coaching closer to home in East Cheshire and Greater Manchester. There are about 130 JDCs and over 40 JACs across the country.

Clubs and schools can nominate players to attend the JDC's.

Junior Regional Performance Centres (JRPCs)

The North Regional Hockey Associations (NRHA) have been key in moving this area of work forward. 12 locations have been chosen to provide coaching for players aged 14 - 18. Players will receive regular coaching from both NRHA and England Hockey Centrally Contracted Coaches (CCCs) leading to a High Performance Assessment Camp for U15 and U17s and inter JRPC competition at U16 and U18 age groups which will replace the current regional tournaments from 2008. The local JRPC is based in Manchester.

By utilising 12 centres and England Hockey coaches, young people will be given the opportunity to access elite coaching closer to home which will also improve the selection process. This will include regular assessment rather than the one off procedure at a National Tournament which is used at present.

U16 and U18 international teams

England run international teams at both U16 and U18 age groups. Players will be identified from the JRPCs who have the potential to play at international level and will be given the opportunity to attend assessment and development camps to be selected to represent England at junior level.