Safeguarding and Protecting Young People

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Safeguarding and Protection

England Hockey is the national governing body for the sport of hockey in England, with over 1000 affiliated clubs. As part of its commitment to ensuring that young people are able to enjoy the sport of hockey, England Hockey has developed a Policy on Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey which AEHC have adopted. Called "SafeD" guidance, it was written in response to NSPCC guidelines and in line with Government guidelines. For more information on child welfare matters visit the England Hockey Website

All safeguarding issues should be referred, in the first instance, to Karen Smith Welfare Officer.

England Hockey has published an important new guide entitled Planning Safe Hockey.

All coaches and managers are expected to follow these guidelines to ensure good , safe practice.

Further information and resources are available using the link below:

Planning Safe Hockey - England Hockey


If you have a serious safeguarding issue and Karen is not available you should contact

England Hockey
01628 897500
07738 644171

Police 999

NSPCC 0808 800 5000

Local social services (Cheshire East 0300123 5010)

England Hockey views all those within hockey as part of the Hockey Family. This includes all clubs, associations, other organisations and individuals with any involvement at any level. England Hockey believes that all members of the Hockey Family have responsibilities to help protect young people and England Hockey has developed their Safeguarding and Protecting Young People policy to help ensure that this happens. All hockey organisations should be aware that they and their members are bound by the following:

AEHC Commitment to safeguarding

  • The Club ensures that all volunteers (coaches/managers/captains/umpires) who have regular contact with young people will have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring service) check every three years as per EH guidelines
  • All requests for DBS checking should be made to Karen via email
  • All coaches and volunteers working within the junior section are committed to Safeguarding & Protecting Young People in Sport. Lead coaches are expected to have attended a SPC 1 course and other coaches to have attended safeguarding training within the club/EH online safeguarding course.
  • The club maintains a secure database of all young people’s contact details (emergency contact information and consent of their parent or person with legal responsibility, photography consent and medical information )

Karen Smith is a trained school Designated Safeguarding Lead and has attended EH Time to Listen hockey-specific safeguarding training.
If you are a junior member and have a concern please contact Karen Smith