Advertising at AECC provides fantastic opportunities for you and your business to grow and create lasting relationships with clients. Sponsors will benefit from exposure to the Club’s 2000 members across cricket, hockey, tennis and squash sections, not to mention the many visitors the club receives – a large demographic of people, covering all potential target markets. Which opportunity suits you?


The club has a range of options from which sponsors can choose. If you feel any of these opportunities would suit you and your business, please get in touch with us via the clubs chairman. All sponsors will also benefit from extensive website, Facebook and Twitter advertisement through the clubs various channels.


Full wall banner 640cms x 44cms on show court

- £1100

Tin board on show court 210cms x 44cms

- £400

Tin board court 2 or 3 210cms x 44cms

- £300

Complete tin of court 4 640cms x 44cms

- £500

Website home page and online court booking/ tournament/league pages

- £500


All plus VAT