AECC Tennis Court Project and Fundraising



Project Update December 2017


Fund Raising Target Reached!

We have done incredibly well to reach the fundraising target we set ourselves. Our sincere thanks to all those who have contributed.  Subject to agreeing terms and conditions with the bank and the LTA, and final agreement from the General Committee of the club, we hope to be able to progress to construction of our new facilities during 2018.


Exciting Times!

This project will be a major positive change for this Club – the ability for more play during dark evenings and the increased availability of courts all year round will be a huge benefit to our players.  The new artificial clay surface which is kinder to the joints, and will play better than our artificial grass in wet weather is an exciting prospect.  This project will provide the excellent facilities that our members of all ages and abilities expect.


We will continue to raise money for the project

We will be taking on some loans and the due diligence team are reviewing our plans regarding the payback of this money.  We are lucky that the majority of the loans will be interest free.  However additional money we raise by donations, events and sponsorships will allow us to borrow less and thus speed up the payback of the loans. 

So we will continue to raise funds, to minimise our borrowings and lower the annual payback required.


How can you help?

Please let us know if you know anyone who might be interested becoming a sponsor.

Please attend our fundraising events – they will be fun and very sociable!  If you would like to help in organising any events please let us know.

There are still some benches available and we are also keen to continue to accept donations.


Who should we contact?

In the first instance please contact Ruth Samuels ( / 07850-413863) who will be pleased assist.

We hope you all look forward to continuing to enjoy our great club!


Donation leaflets are in the club-house - or you can down-load a form here

Project Background


  • We plan to replace 5 grass courts with an artificial clay surface
  • We plan to install five sets of floodlights - including replacing the temporary lights on court 14
  • We have received planning permission for the project
  • We have been offered a loan and grant from the LTA
  • We have been offered a loan and grant from Cheshire LTA
  • We have reached our fundraising target - but will continue to raise money in order to reduce the amount required annually to pay back the loans.....


How will we pay back the loans?


The loans will require an annual payment from the tennis section.  San Carlo are sponsoring the club and we are seeking other sponsors too.  We currently obtain a surplus from coaching and non-members fees, and we expect this to grow with the additional court availability. We obtain a profit from the three existing floodlit courts and we expect this figure rise, especially given the fact that the new lights will be LED and consume less electricity. In addition we plan to raise a contribution from an annual ladies lunch / tournament and summer fete teas.  There is of course the opportunity to hold ‘one-off’ occasional fund-raising events to secure additional income. The figures planned to be raised are believed to be ‘prudent’ and the income, especially from floodlights and coaching could be significantly higher than in our budgets. In addition there are other small sources of income which will generate a few hundred pounds each a year, and will add to the overall income. 

Artificial Clay


What is Artificial Clay?

  • Artificial clay tennis courts have all the playing characteristics of natural clay but without all the heavy and costly maintenance requirements

  • They use a similar carpet to artificial grass

  • However the carpet is covered by 2mm of a specially designed coloured infill (whereas with artificial grass courts, where the carpet is visible above the infill)

Why Artificial Clay?

  • Better for coaching as the ball is slower
  • Softer on joints than harder surfaces
  • Competition surface for performance players
  • Provides an alternative surface for our players
  • Potentially slower pace is better for older slower players!
  • Preferred by the sub-project team selecting the surface – comprising representatives from coaching, men’s and ladies teams and social players
  • Feedback from reference calls is that players all head for the artificial clay rather than the astro
  • Infill on top of the carpet suggests carpet will wear less and last longer 20 years vs 15 years
  • Similar level of maintenance required as astro – additionally players have to drag courts


Thanks to the following companies for their sponsorship:

San Carlo, Dean House Estates