Floodlights can be booked in two ways:

  • On-line ad hoc booking - book your court using the booking system and pay for your tokens at the bar
  • Block booking - floodlit courts can be 'block-booked' in advance for the whole season - October to March.  Please contact David Killworth if you wish to make a block booking (see below for further details)

Cost and Payment

Floodlights are charged on the basis of £4 per half hour. Tokens can be bought at the bar and each token lasts half an hour.  If you are playing before the bar is open (6pm on weekdays), please ensure you have bought your tokens in advance


Switching On

There is a green token meter cabinet located next to each of the blocks of floodlit courts. Place your token in the slot for the appropriate court. The slot is around the right hand side of the meter. Please shut the door of the cabinet.



Block Booking

This is where are group of four or more adult members pay in advance for a playing slot on the same day and at the same time (e.g. Mondays at 6.30pm) for 22 weeks between 1st October and 31st March.
If you have a group which would like to take advantage of a block booking please contact David Killworth  letting him know your preferred day and time. Please note that Wednesdays after 6pm, which is a club social play evening, will not be available for block booking. Saturday and Sunday evenings are completely free - so if you are interested in playing at this time on a regular basis - please contact David

General Principles

  • The floodlight booking system will be equitable so that all members have the same opportunity to book courts
  • Both adult and junior members will be able to book floodlit courts
  • Members should release a booked court at the earliest opportunity if they realise they will not be able to use it
  • Floodlight charges will be agreed on an annual basis by the Tennis Committee
  • Courts may be booked in 30 mins slots up to a maximum of one and a half hours. If at
    the end of the booking slot, the courts have not been pre-booked by others, then play
    may continue on court by paying for additional time via the token meter system.
  • No more than one session may be booked by the same group of people at consecutive times.
  • Members should not leave ‘half hour’ gaps between bookings, e.g. a member should not book a slot from 7.30-8.30pm if the previous booking ended at 7pm
  • A regular periodic review of bookings will be undertaken to ensure that there is a fair allocation of bookings amongst the members