Floodlights - New Floodlight Tennis Season Not Far Away


  • Though we still have a great summer ahead of us, we are already looking forward to the new floodlight tennis season starting in September!!!
  • With eight floodlight courts, including our brilliant new ones with their state of the art Phillip’s LED lights, we plan to totally transform tennis play on autumn  and winter evenings at our club.
  • Our goal is to have full floodlit courts, buzzing with activity, with a mix of social play, coaching, club competitions, ad hoc and block bookings. We want to ensure the balance of this additional tennis should be fair to all members
  • Also as Covid restrictions hopefully ease we will have greater and greater access to the clubhouse, and John Berry’s fabulous team, for that after tennis drink or meal!
  • Thus though we are waiting for final approval of the new floodlight installation from East Cheshire Council, we are starting to plan the winter use of the courts.
  • One type of floodlight tennis play is ‘block bookings’. This is where are group of four or more adult members pay in advance for a playing slot on the same day and at the same time (e.g. Mondays at 6.30pm) for the full 26 weeks between 1st October and 31st March. Currently there are about 17 sets of ‘block bookers’ on our three existing floodlight courts. With the addition of a further five floodlight courts we have the capacity to increase the number of block bookers if needed.
  • Our plan will be to make a balance of type of floodlight courts available to block bookers over the season - that is to say playing some weeks under the old floodlights, and some under the new floodlights (both Artificial Grass and Artificial Clay).
  • If you have a group which would like to take advantage of a block booking please contact David Killworth on d.killworth@btinternet.com or 07802 788436 letting him know your preferred day and time. Please note that Wednesdays after 6pm, which is a club social play evening, will not be available for block booking. David is already in touch with existing block bookers.
  • When we have a full picture of the likely demand for block bookings we will check this leaves enough capacity for our other floodlight tennis activities. In particular, recognising that some members will wish to have a more flexible approach to their winter evening tennis, we will want to ensure there will be enough space for ad hoc reservation of a floodlight court using our new booking system.
  • We hope you are looking forward to playing under our new floodlights as much as we are!


Floodlights can be booked in two ways:

  • On-line booking - book your court using the booking system and pay for your tokens at the bar
  • Block booking - floodlit courts can be 'block-booked' in advance for the whole season - October to March.  Please contact David Killworth if you wish to make a block booking

Cost and Payment

Floodlights are charged on the basis of £4 per half hour. Tokens can be bought at the bar and each token lasts half an hour.  If you are playing before the bar is open (6pm on weekdays), please ensure you have bought your tokens in advance


Switching On

There is a token meter cabinet located next to each of the blocks of floodlit courts. Please ensure that you put your token in the appropriate slot and also please shut the door of the cabinet.


Further details about floodlights are contained in the Bye-Laws document