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Tennis finals day was a superb culmination to a wonderful week of tennis, sunshine and socially distanced socialising.....

Huge thanks go to Geoffrey Bean and Nikki Royle for organising an amazing week of tennis. They put in a lot of hard work in advance of the tournament, and during the week of the event, they spend huge numbers of hours each day at the club managing the matches on court and organising matches for the following day.  Many of you may not be aware that they can often be at the club until after midnight, ensuring that all of the matches are fitted into what is a very tight schedule.

We were lucky enough to have another sunny day on Saturday and all the finals were played.  Ashley Baglin, one of our talented juniors, won the ladies open singles, ladies open doubles with Amelia Potter, her opponent in the singles (triumphing over Karen Keohane and Kate Meir), and the mixed doubles with her father Nick (beating Amelia Potter and Richard Ingle.

In the men's events, Seb Jackson again won the men's singles, beating Mason Dace - another talented junior.  In the doubles, Seb and Nick Baglin beat Andrew Jackson and Connor Keohane.

The handicap events are always enjoyed by everyone and Geoffrey does an amazing job trying to work out the handicaps for everyone. There were so many long close matches during the week, with a few being played over two days.  In the finals:

  • Edwina Slade beat Ginny Coates to win the ladies singles
  • Rod Ellis beat Andy Nolan in the Men's singles
  • Melissa Drath and Michele Marr won the ladies doubles, beating Sarah Ingle and Nicky Lee
  • Marcus Bhatia and David Cramp won the men's doubles, beating Guy Hamilton and Nick Hamilton
  • Paulla Seddon and Tony Fox won the mixed doubles, beating Kate Meir and Mark Toulmin
  • And in the century doubles, another handicap event, the winners were Clare and Dave Lucas with runners-up Sarah Ingle and Chris Hollingworth.

And finally the referee's cup was awarded to Edwina Slade.  (This cup is awarded to the best competitor / most helpful / most appreciated). 

I think there are a few contenders for the most hours spent on court this week!  You can discuss this among yourselves...

More thanks are in order for all those players taking part as well as those who have helped Geoffery and Nikki behind the scenes.  The matches were played in great spirit and the sunshine certainly helped that.

Thanks also to John Berry and his team for looking after us all so well during the week and for organising a great event on Saturday evening.  And also to Paul Murray who has taken so many wonderful photos which are accessible from the following page

I look forward to next year when we hope that all restrictions have been removed and we are able to socialise in the normal manner.