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Tennis Camps and the Pandemic

We are not yet running tennis camps under the current LTA and government guidelines.  We will run camps as soon as we feel we are able to do so in a safe and fun manner.  The LTA have indicated that they expect to have news abut the ability to run larger groups soon.


The current rules only allow:

  • Groups of up to five (plus a coach)
  • Each group must be kept completely separate and the sessions must be delivered independently of each other
  • Coaches should not move between courts or groups
  • Each coach should only interact with one group for as long as that group is on site
  • There are also restrictions about how many people are in the clubhouse

These rules makes difficult to run fun groups while still maintaining a safe environment.  The difficulties include:

  • With groups of five, it will be difficult to have all the same standard / age at the same time in the same group
  • The organisation of this would be incredibly complicated and maybe not possible, especially if attendees changed on a daily basis
  • And if someone was found to be in a group of the wrong standard, we would not be allowed to change or merge groups, as we would on a normal camp
  • We want children to enjoy camps and have fun - and much of this comes from interaction with others.  Many of the games played during the camps involve larger groups.  'King of the court' with smaller numbers just won't be as much fun....and end of week tournaments could only involve four other players
  • If one person in a group wished to visit the toilet, then with younger groups, a coach must accompany them
  • This means that the other children would be left unaccompanied, as coaches on other courts are not allowed to interact with the children left on court.  And as this is not acceptable, all the children would have to go to the clubhouse when any child wished to visit the toilet.  With younger groups, this would be extremely disruptive
  • In order to avoid interactions between groups, we would need to stagger start times, break times and finish times
  • We would also need to avoid other members who are in the clubhouse. 
  • Currently the rules are that a maximum of four people can use an indoor table if they are from two households.  However if the four people are from different house-holds they would have to sit on two tables.  There are only 10 tables in the clubhouse, so if it were to rain, only 20 people could be accommodated, including other club members
  • There is a little shelter on the terrace, but not enough for social distancing for lots of children
  • We would also need to take into account cricket summer camps using the same facilities
  • So in the case of a cold rainy day, the club may have to ask all other members to leave in order to accommodate children attending the camps

We feel that the restrictions mean that camps might not be fun for those attending, and the administration  / organisation would be very very difficult.  It would be virtually impossible to accommodate everyone and to please those wishing to attend.


We hope that the current rules will change. We are also having discussions with the clubhouse, to see how and if more people can be accommodated in the event of a downpour / a rainy day.  We do hope to be able to run camps this summer - but we don't feel we are yet in a position to do so.  We will keep you informed as the situation changes


Stuart Murray - Head Coach

Ruth Samuels - Tennis Chairman



Junior Tennis Camps

Tennis camps are fun packed weeks of learning, covering all the basic tennis skills, techniques and tactics, while also having fun in a safe environment.

All lead coaches are fully LTA licensed, DBS checked and first aid qualified

If you wish to book onto a course - please complete the application form and send it to Stuart Murray with the appropriate payment.

You must enrol in advance of the start of the course otherwise Stuart will not be able to organise the correct level and number of coaching staff.

Please contact Stuart Murray if you require any further information.

Link to Stuart Murray Web-site



Dates coming soon

Type of Camp




Mini Camp

4 – 8yrs

(Mini Red)

9.30am – 12,30pm

£60 per 5 day camp members /

£70 per 5 day camp non-members

£14 per day members /

£16 per day non-members

Junior Camp

6 – 16yrs

9.30am – 4pm

£100 per 5 day camp members /

£110 per 5 day camp non-members

£25 per day members /

£27 per day non-members