Court Booking Guidance

During the CoronaVirus Pandemic

New System (on-line booking system connected to membership database)

This system is live for bookings after Wednesday 20th May

Follow the instructions in this user guide to register for the system and to book courts

For most people the username will be <firstname.surname>.  We have tried to emailed everyone, where it is different.

You will be able to book tennis courts 7 days in advance, starting on Wednesday 20th May

Only book again once you have played your game - to ensure fairness to all members, adults and juniors. This will be reviewed once the floodlights have been installed


When you have registered on the system, this is the link to the court booking system

You can also reach the system by selecting 'Bookings' from the Tennis menu




Why doesn't my opponent's name appear in the drop-down list to be selected as an opponent. 



  • They have not registered on the system at all - and they need to register


  • They have not set up their 'Consents' as explained in the User Guide.  In order for a name to be selected as an opponent, the individual must select 'Show name in opponent player selection list' on the 'My Consents' form, which can be found on the following menu option:


How do I book a court if I want to play on my own?


The court booking system requires that when you play with a guest you must enter the following fields

  • Guest Name
  • Phone number
  • A valid email address

If you are practising on your own, enter the fields as follows:

  • Name field - Enter 'playing on my own' or similar text
  • Phone number - just enter N/A
  • Email address - just enter your own email address