Tennis Section Bye-Laws

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1. LTA

All Lawn Tennis played on the Premises of the Club shall be played under the Rules of the Lawn Tennis Association,unless authorised by the Tennis Committee.


i Recognised tennis clothing.

ii Specific exclusions - no gym attire - no beachwear.

iii Recognised tennis shoes, preferably white, with non-marking soles and not heavily ridged.

iv Plain coloured sweaters may be worn for warming up.

v Members who introduce visitors are responsible for the attire of their guests.

vi Shoe tags must be worn at all times.

Note 1:The Committee have the authority to ask members to vacate the courts if their dress does not conform to the above standards.

Note 2: Due to the number of people found playing on the courts who are not members, Committee members have been tasked with with asking players not wearing tags for proof of membership. This is a highly embarrassing and unpleasant task for a Committee member and members are often upset when asked. Please therefore remember : If a member is asked for proof of membership because that member is not wearing a tag... that member caused the embarrassment.


No guest may be introduced to the Club more than THREE times in a calendar year. On each occasion a guest is introduced, his or her name must be placed in the Visitor's Book. A fee of £10.00 for adults and £2.50 for juniors to be paid by depositing the money in the envelope provided and writing the visitor's name on the envelope and then placed in the box provided, or by methods as may be prescribed by the General Committee from time to time BEFORE starting to play. The Visitor's book and money box will be found in the Clubhouse. A member introducing a guest shall be responsible for their guest observing all the Club Rules and ensuring that they adhere to the dress and shoe code.

4.Court Availability

  • Club Evening - All courts Wednesday evening from 6pm
  • Club Afternoon - All courts Saturday 2pm to 5pm
  • Club tournaments - All courts ( except Court 13) in use if numbers require them

Courts 1-3:

Required for team matches most Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.15pm. Also pre-season team match practice some Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings (see Notice Board for details) otherwise, free play. A booking system is in force during the winter months for the Floodlit Courts 9,11 and 13. Please see the Club Notice Board for details.

Courts 4-8:

Grass. Free play from 10am to 9.30pm. Times may vary with season - please check notice on courts.

Please, do not play on grass courts if moist due to rain or dew.

Courts 1-12: Free play (Except court 11- see below)


  • Match Fixtures as scheduled
  • Wed/Sat Club evening/afternoon
  • Ladies Mornings (see Notice Board)
  • Junior Club evenings (Friday)

Court 11:

May be reserved for Coaching in off peak times, please see Notice Board for details.

Court 13: Reserved for coaching


  • Junior evening (Friday)
  • Junior matches (Some Sat/Sun)

If this court is not in use for reasons specified - free play, subject to Rules regarding booking requirement for the flood-lit courts as referred to above.

Court 14: Priority For Juniors


  • Wed/Sat Club evening/afternoon
  • Junior Squad coaching
  • Junior matches (some Sat/Sun)
  • Please also see the Notice Board for times when courts will be reserved for coaching.

When all courts are occupied and members are waiting to play:



When all courts are occupied and members are waiting to play:

• No four may play for more than one hour.

• No singles may play for more than 45 minutes.

• After 6.00 p.m. Juniors must vacate courts 1-12 if required by a senior member on completion of the game

  • The white board is not an advance booking system.
  • A "free court" is any court with no-one playing on it and includes the grass courts when they are in play.
  • If there are any free courts please put your name and time on the white board against a free court and play on that court.
  • All players MUST record their start time on the board on the wall to the right hand side of the Club entrance BEFORE they commence play. Failure to do so means you run the risk of being asked to vacate a court if no other courts are free.
  • When other members are waiting for a free court, those already playing MUST vacate their court at the end of the allotted time (in line with “Court Usage Rules” above).
  • If all courts are occupied, players should enter their name on the court next due to become free.
  • If all courts are occupied and you haven’t put your name on the board then you must vacate that court for waiting members - this might seem harsh, so, please remember to put your name on the board!
  • Players cannot be asked to vacate a court if there are any free courts available.

The committee hopes that all members will use their good sense to ensure that fair use of the courts and sensible interpretation the above should prevail at all times.

5. Short sets - Club Afternoon and Evening

On club afternoon and evening, when all courts are occupied and other members are waiting to play:

  • No set of more than eleven games may be played and the court must be vacated at the end of one set.
  • No singles shall be played.

6.'Out Of Play' and 'Ground Under Repair' Notices.

When an 'Out of Play' notice is displayed on a court due to bad weather, marking out, watering, etc., then no play is permitted on the court concerned without the approval of the Groundsman or the Tennis Committee's Ground Representative. If neither is available then a member of the Tennis Committee may sanction play if conditions are deemed suitable. Otherwise no play is permitted.

7. Mobile Telephones

The use of mobile telephones on court is prohibited.

8. Parking.

Members are requested not to park cars in Moss Lane.

9.Procedure for use of floodlit courts, 9,11 and 13 and Court reservation arrangements.

a) The floodlit courts can be either block booked for the winter or paid for as used when there is no block booking. Payment for block booking is to be made before 1st October and for ad-hoc use before you play. Payment for ad-hoc to be made at the bar, prices are £3.50 for each half-hour.

b) Block bookings have priority and include the court time set aside for coaching, both individual and group, and covering both Seniors and Juniors.

c) For all other bookings, please see the sheet on the Tennis Club notice board for free times

d) When due to play switch on the lights for your court in the steel cabinet on the wall at the Eastern end of the terrace. When you have finished, please switch them off, UNLESS someone else is immediately going on to use your court, in which case leave them on.

e) No person who has played in a preceding maximum period session can play in a consecutive session with different partners unless the courts are free. This will otherwise constitute an abuse of the booking system.

f) To minimise light intrusion on the low lying bungalows on Moss Lane, we have agreed with Cheshire East Planning authority that we will first use Court 11, them Court 13 and lastly Court 9. Please make your reservations on the booking sheet in this order, subject to your time requirements being available.

g) Players must vacate their courts immediately on completion of their session playing time, late arrival with 'time' remaining does not constitute a reason for exceeding the booked cut off time. No bookings after 6pm on Wednesdays when all courts are reserved for Club Night.

i) The first booking is at 4pm and the last session is at 9.00 p.m. to ensure that the floodlights are not used after 9.30 p.m. to comply with Planning conditions. The Pavilion clock time will be used for changeovers.

j) Cancellations should be indicated with a single line through the name on the booking sheet to allow space for a replacement name to be shown. Telephone reservations and cancellations can be taken by Club staff subject to their availability and workload on 01625 584733.