AECC Tennis Fundraising

We are starting to raise funds to replace the carpet on courts 9-14 and the old metal halide lights on courts 9, 11 and 13 with LED lights. Help us to raise funds in the following ways - which are no cost to you:

  • Recycling Tennis Balls:
    • Every ball put in the recycling bin is worth 30p to the club
    • If each member recycled just 12 balls a year - we would recycle over 8000 balls and raise £2500 per year towards our fundraising target 
    • So please put all your old dry balls in the green recycling bins on courts 1, 4 and 9
  • Sign up to Easyfundraising:
    • Each time you make a purchase from one of the 4300 participating companies, a donation is made to our project
    • If each tennis member signed up to support our project, we could raise a major contribution to our project over the next few years...
    • You don't have to go through another web site - just shop as you normally would
    • Click on the this link and click on the pink button 'Support this Cause' to register for Easyfundraising

    • Choose a method of logging in - via Apple, Facebook or email......

    • And then ensure you click on the 'Donation Reminder':

  • And then shop in the normal way........
  • We only have 12 participants at the moment who have raised over £500 in the last three years
  • Here is a guide to the Easy fundraising registration process........if you haven't managed to follow the instructions above
  • You can also download the Easyfundraising app onto your phone....

Our Development Projects:

When the sun goes down..... we switch on the lights.....


But some are better than others.........

Court 4.....                           Court 13......


We are now planning to replace the lights on courts 9, 11 and 13 as well as renew the carpets on courts 9-14. Project details as follows:


  • Project budget ~£50k
  • Aim to install by 2025
  • LED lights similar to those installed on courts 1, 2, 4, 5 and 14
  • Half the running costs of current metal halide lights
  • Minimal maintenance costs as each LED panel has ~50,000 hour life
  • Our existing lights have served us well but are ageing.....


The cost of the carpets will be covered by the tennis levy fund but we are trying to plan to bring this work forward from the current planned dates of 2024 and 2026, so that we install the new lights and new surface at the same time