Schedules, Dates and Entry Form

2017 Annual Tennis Tournament


Saturday 17th – Saturday 24th June 2017



Finals' Day Photos

Finals' Day photos.... please click on link below.


Please note that iCloud presents them in a bit of an arty form. To view them properly, click on the first one and then right arrow to see them all. To begin with it downloads a rough version, so they're a bit blurred, but become clearer over a few seconds. The time taken will depend on the speed of your internet as each photo downloads (n.b. some will never become totally clear because they're rubbish photos!!!). You can download any photos you'd like to keep to your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad etc.


2017 Finals' Day photos



Entry Form

Click here for entry form

Entry forms must be returned (with entry fee) by 2nd June 2017

Tournament time... it reminds me of a Snoopy poster on the wall of my first tennis club 50 years ago... and it's still on t'internet....