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Tournament Information and Results


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Please note that:

(a)   Non-Availability rules determine the number of Events you can enter, which in turn

(b)   depend not only on your Non-Availability but, for Doubles Events, also that of your partner

(c)   Recognised LTA coaches and members in receipt of material coaching income are not permitted to enter the Tournament

(d)   You can make payment by bank transfer as well as by cheque as set out in the Entry Form


Please ensure that:

(e)   You read the Tournament Regulations and Information, and

(f)    You complete your Non-Availability Form, complete and sign your Entry Form and enclose your cheque or make your bank transfer at the same time, and

(g)    You ensure your playing partner(s) also complete their own Non-Availability Form(s) and complete and sign their own Entry Form(s).


We hope you will participate in the Tournament and wish you a successful and enjoyable week of Tennis.


Here are the two key documents:

  • The Events and Tournament Regulations (Tournament.doc) - please read before completing your entry form
  • The Entry form (TournamentEntry.xls).  Please ensure you complete your Non-Availability information as well as your Entry details
    Details of how to pay and the email address to send the entry form are listed on the entry form.

For those of you who wish to print the entry form and send it by post, here is a manual version of the form


The Tournament Referees


The Tournament Referees

Geoffrey Bean

Nicole Royle